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13 Things You Should Definitely Do On Your Next Roadtrip

The open road, a couple of friends, and infinite amounts of fun. There's nothing more magical than a road trip, especially if you've got the new portable Scrabble Twist game to challenge your friends with wherever you go!

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It's been one of the greatest oddities in America since it was created by an art group in 1974. The Cadillacs are buried at an angle corresponding to the Great Pyramid of Giza. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own spray paint and add to the chaos!

An homage to Texas's Cadillac Ranch, featuring Volkswagen Rabbits. The name also alludes to the historic Route 66, which the site is located along. Oh, and it also refers to the hordes of real rabbits who live on the ranch!

Biosphere 2 looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi film. In reality, it's an Earth system research center affiliated with the University of Arizona. Many of Earth's biomes are recreated in the center's buildings, from a rainforest, to a savannah grassland, to an 850-square-meter ocean with coral reef.

Nearly all the decorations here are made of corn, and you'll learn more about corn than you ever knew you wanted to know. Local artists design new corn murals to decorate the exterior every year. A-maize-ing, right?

Get a picture in front of the infamous fake Prada storefront in the West Texas desert. The sculpture was designed and installed by two artists in 2005 and features real Prada shoes and handbags inside.

The Ringing Brothers held their very first circus in Baraboo. Today, the city is host to an extensive historical circus museum full of artifacts and ephemera from the circus era. Nearby, you can also check out the International Clown Hall of Fame!

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