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Why You Must Watch Criminal Minds

I am a tried and true Criminal Minds addict. CBS's police procedural drama is gritty, intense yet uplifting and there are 9 seasons of it so binge away. P.S. If you've ever googled 'serial killers' you'll love this show.

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It's About Serial Killers and Pedophiles

Ok admit it you're fascinated with serial killers and pedophiles. And oh will you see it all here from serial killers who turn people in to puppets to pedophiles who raise kidnapped children as their own.

Two Words...Mandy Patinkin

If you didn't already love/haven't fallen in love with Mandy Patinkin from Homeland then you're, well, deprived. He is just as awesome on Criminal Minds playing Jason Gideon as he is playing Saul. Ok so he's only on for season 1 and 2 but he is still glorious.

You'll Actually Learn Psychology


By the end of Season 1 I could profile cases before they did and was often right. You'll learn about a whole host of interesting mental conditions and psychology facts from personality disorders to extreme childhood traumas to plain old mommy issues.

Thought Provoking Quotes

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There are awesome quotes at the beginning and end of every episode that speak to that episode in some way. I've discovered all of my favorite quotes from them. They quote the likes of Nietzsche, Churchill, Einstein, Kennedy and so many more.

Just Enough Character Drama


While the show definitely focuses on the cases over the course of 9 seasons they've delved in to the lives of the shows heroes. In my opinion there's just the right amount of character drama mixed in to keep longtime fans happy.

You'll Fall In Love With Dr. Spencer Reid

A Criminal Minds veteran appearing in all 9 seasons Dr. Spencer Reid, played by Matthew Grey Gubler (an adorable and interesting man himself) is a boy genius who constantly spouts facts and statistics.

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