30 Toys Who Had A Rough Night

Sometimes even toys play a little too hard.

1. Boozy Barney

A side of the purple dinosaur you haven’t seen…

2. Partied Out Panda

Found in Bucharest, Romania.

3. Trashy Tiger

Brooklyn, NY

4. Nobody’s Prince

East Village, NYC.

5. Cookie Binge

6. Burnt Out Burt

7. L’ours en Peluche Ivre

“The Drunk Teddy Bear,” somewhere in Europe.

8. Dora Explored The Wrong Place

Jersey City, NJ.

9. He Can’t Even Feel The Headache

Long Island City

10. Barbie Met Someone Else

11. Literally In Siberia

Siberia, Russia

12. Baby Got Put In A Corner

San Francisco

13. Oh Pooh!

Chicago, IL.

14. ET Failed To Phone Home

15. Took Advantage of CO’s New Laws, Regretted It

Fort Collins, CO.

16. To Make It Worse, He Lost His Tail

San Francisco

17. Cuddly Rejection

18. Jessie Felt Like She’d Gotten Run Over By A Truck

19. Wishes North and South Would Just Get Along

South Korea

20. Rocked A Little Too Hard

21. Always In Bug’s Shadow He Finally Lost It

Bogota, Columbia

22. Didn’t Make His Flight

Minneapolis Airport

23. Unbearably Hungover

Seoul, South Korea

24. Barbie Got Trashed

25. Gave Up On His Acting Career, Turned To The Bottle

Los Angeles, LA

26. Being Tall Has It’s Disadvantages

27. Harvard Dropout

Boston, MA

28. It’s A Hipster Thing

Brooklyn, NY

29. In Need Of Love

30. Elmo Had A VERY Rough Night

And woke up here…

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