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There's A Huge Obsession With Toblerones In Netflix's "Neo Yokio" And It's Sparked A Weird Meme

"You don't deserve this big Toblerone."

A new anime called Neo Yokio launched on Netflix last week, starring Jaden Smith and created by Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig. It's pretty quirky.

Netflix Studios

That's the main character, Kaz, who is played by Jaden Smith.

It's also highly relatable.

Netflix Studios

And for what appears to be absolutely no reason whatsoever, there are many references to Toblerone chocolates.

Netflix Studios

It happens time and time again, like here in Episode 2.

Netflix Studios

The obsession with Toblerones has become a thing on the internet.

Need me a girl to cradle me the way how Jaden Smith cradles his toblerone

A real date is watching Neo Yokio while eating a giant Toblerone together

And it has sparked a meme.

There's also this scene in Episode 2 where Neo has a fight with Helena (Tavi Gevinson).

Netflix Studios

And what a huge Toblerone it is as well.

I don't know about you, but the scene is pretty much nothing without the Toblerone.

This scene has been turned into animations.

And some rather inspired fan art.

Don’t give away your Toblerone too quickly, you might break your heart 💔 😭

And weird things like this.

You don’t deserve this giant Toblerone #NeoYokio

And this.

And this lovely gesture.

I took my tiny toblerone on a tour of the city

People are even spinning some other scenes in the show to make them all about Toblerones.

when she takes the big toblerone even though she doesn't deserve it #NeoYokio

In an interview with Complex Magazine, Ezra Koenig said Neo Yokio is for fans of Toblerones. He said: "I really just hope people who like Toblerone give it a chance because that's always been the target market."

Rachel Murray / Getty Images

In conclusion:

Toblerones out for Kaz #neoyokio

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