You Can Now See People Attempting The Beatles “Abbey Road” Crossing From Your Desk

It really is quite addictive to watch.

1. You know the famous Abbey Road Beatles cover…

The Beatles / Apple Records

2. Everyone has tried to replicate it, from One Direction to Mrs Thatcher.

One Direction / Rex Features

PA/PA Archive/Press Association Images


3. You’ve probably tried it too if you’ve been in the area.

4. Well now you don’t need to, as there is a website with a 24/7 livestream of the crossing itself.

Abbey Road Studios /

You don’t need to wait long to see people attempting that album cover.

5. See? People are doing it already.

Abbey Road /

It happens roughly every five minutes or so.

6. The more you watch, the more you notice.

Abbey Road Studios /

The problem? There is never less traffic because Abbey Road is a busy road.

7. So they try it for half a second but then panic and run away when traffic approaches.

Abbey Road /

You can sense their sadness that they weren’t able to capture it in a photo. :(

8. Shortly after that you notice this.

Abbey Road /

When you look at them do this you start wondering if they are fascinated by The Beatles or just fascinated by zebra crossings.

9. Then there are people just do NOT move.

Abbey Road /

Traffic starts building on either side. Still they stay still. People walking by keep staring at them. Still they do not move. Ten photos are taken of them. Nope nope nope.

10. But then this happens.

Abbey Road Studios /

Local drivers who are just like, “Oh god not this again….” And thanks to there being sound on this webcam, you get to hear all of it.

11. Check it out on the Abbey Road website.

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