You Can Now Get Lost In A Giant Brian Blessed Maize Maze In Yorkshire

If you don’t like Brian Blessed, you can also get lost in Jeremy Clarkson and Geoffrey Boycott.

1. If you need another reason to love Yorkshire, let this be it.

Anna Gowthorpe / StringerCollection / Getty Images

From left to right, that’s Geoffrey Boycott (the Yorkshire and England cricketer), Jeremy Clarkson (the Top Gear presenter, loved by some but an incredible annoyance to others), and Brian Blessed (a national treasure and literally the world’s loudest man).

You can find the maze and try it out for yourself just off the A64 near York.

2. The detail is rather amazing.

Anna Gowthorpe / Stringer Collection / Getty Images

The maze is made out of maize and was created by Tom Pearcy, a local farmer. And why is the maze made out of maize? Well, when the cows run out of grass in the winter months, the maize is used to feed the cows. During summer, when the maize grows, a new design is mowed and a new maze is opened for the public.

3. Here’s a couple of mazes from years past.

Handout / Getty Images Entertainment

Bethany Clarke / Getty Images

Anna Gowthorpe/PA Archive/Press Association Images


From left to right: a dalek, Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter), and Matt Smith (from Doctor Who).

4. And as you can tell, Brian Blessed is delighted.

Anna Gowthorpe / StringerCollection / Getty Images

At least, I think that is Brian Blessed being delighted.

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