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    You Can Now Find Out What TV Shows Were On The Day You Were Born

    Or almost any other day since the BBC started in 1922, in fact.

    Have you ever wondered what TV show was on the day you were born? Well, thanks to the BBC and the Radio Times, you can now find out.

    The BBC has scanned every single listing page of the Radio Times from 1923 to 2009 and uploaded them online, making it possible to find what television programmes and radio shows were on any day of your choosing.

    First, head to the BBC Genome Project website.

    Then follow the easy-to-use instructions.

    First, choose a year.

    Then click on the Radio Times issue that matches your date.

    And flick between these BBC channels.

    OMG, I was born during an episode of Grandstand.

    Then BBC News with Moira Stuart came on.

    Followed by a comedy programme hosted by Les Dennis.

    What TV shows were on when you were born?