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    You Can Now Bid For One Of The Giant Teacakes From The Commonwealth Opening Ceremony

    The top bid so far on it? £685! Spotted by @HClaytonWright.

    Remember the Tunnock Teacakes from the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony?

    BBC Commonwealth Games /

    How could you not? It was the best bit, next to the grand procession of Scottie dogs.

    Well, you can now bid for it on the Glasgow Commonwealth Games Official Auction.

    That's right. £685. You can buy many teacakes for that price.

    But how many teacakes? Let's use some m-a-t-h-s.

    Scott Bryan and Kelly Oakes / BuzzFeed / Via

    What else can you get from the ceremony? Well, not much really, apart from the chairs from the dance sequence when they danced with chairs.

    But every chair is different, so unless you one of your existing chairs went missing... :/

    Or, and there's a cannon.

    But how can you get a cannon in your front door? It's not going to be easy, unless you use the cannon to blow up your door first or something.

    So just bid on the teacakes. Why? Because you would be able to do this in the privacy of your own home.

    BBC Commonwealth Games /

    Terms and conditions: Glasgow kiss from John Barrowman not included.

    You can bid on the auction right here.

    Thanks to @HClaytonWright for spotting this.

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