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    You Can Already Buy Easter Eggs From Nearly Every Supermarket

    And it is only the 2nd January. Well done everybody.

    You can now buy Easter eggs in Tesco.

    Yep. Easter eggs.

    Twitter: @DenverJonesLFC

    Creme Eggs. Buttons. The lot.

    You can also buy them in Sainsburys. Someone spotted these on sale on the 27th December.

    You can also get those weird MaltEaster things there too.

    Co-operative are currently selling all of these.

    Along with Marks & Spencer, who are doing their own branded posh ones on a '3 for 2 offer'.

    And Waitrose. WAITROSE?!! They're guilty. These were spotted by a customer on the 29th December.

    Boots are currently selling these.

    And Asda? They're selling these too.

    Along with hot cross buns. HOT CROSS BUNS.

    Sainsburys are also selling hot cross buns.

    Twitter: @alan_barton


    And Morrisons.

    And Marks & Spencer.

    How long is it until Easter? Well there are only...

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    That's four months. FOUR MONTHS.

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