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15 Times "Gogglebox" Went Off On One About Politics

On Brexit: "Forget any points at Eurovision now."

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1. When there were unsubstantiated allegations that David Cameron put a "private part of his anatomy" into a dead pig's mouth.

Oli Scarff / Getty Images and Studio Lambert / Via

2. When Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour leader.

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3. When a fly hovered around Boris Johnson’s face during a press conference after Britain voted to leave the European Union.

BBC News / Studio Lambert / Via and

4. When Mary said this about the EU referendum.

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5. When Theresa May did her first speech as PM.

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6. When Nigel Farage addressed the European parliament after Britain decided to leave the EU.

Studio Lambert / BBC News / Via

7. When Jeremy Corbyn stood outside his house.

Chris Ratcliffe / Getty Images and Studio Lambert / Via

8. When Emily Thornberry resigned in 2014 after tweeting an image in Rochester people perceived to be rather snobbish.

Studio Lambert and Twitter: @EmilyThornberry

9. When Giles and Mary talked about how Conservative economic policies have affected their lifestyles.

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10. When Ed Miliband appeared in an episode of Question Time ahead of the 2015 general election.

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11. And when he did a compassionate speech ahead of the same election.

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12. When a Conservative party political broadcast included a father throwing his child into the air.

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13. When Kim Jong Un staged a march in North Korea.

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14. When Martin Freeman appeared in an advert endorsing the Labour party.

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15. And when a member of the public was in trapped in a dark space with pigs on Release the Hounds.

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