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    24 Reasons Why You Really Love Watching "Geordie Shore"

    It's on late at night. You watch it when you're drunk. Don't worry. It can be our little secret.

    Before we move on... this disclaimer.

    1. Why do you like Geordie Shore? Well you admire the fact that Gaz has unlimited confidence.

    2. And how this is his catchphrase for intercourse.

    3. When others fail at pulling he says something like...

    4. You like how everyone hates each other.

    5. And the fact they are drunk the entire time.

    6. You also like that they are pointlessly topless.

    7. That Rebecca always has this expression.

    8. And the fact that this show is trashy as hell.

    9. Like really really trashy as hell.

    10. Oh and they do this an awful lot.

    But the third series of Geordie Shore is by far the best. By far the best.

    They all go to Mexico.

    11. They're quite excited about their trip to Mexico.

    12. They had to "look after the house" for this guy.

    13. They didn't respect the house.

    14. They really didn't respect the house.

    15. Holly especially didn't respect the house. Here's how she switched off the lights one night.

    16. She did this to all of the lights in her room.


    18. They weren't really very respectful to Chris either.

    19. Cancun Chris is annoyed. Charlotte then shouts...

    20. In this series each character makes terrible predictions. This is what Vicky said about her boyfriend Ricci.

    She then says this two episodes later.

    21. James was also not good at predicting the future.

    The next episode this happened between them.

    James then broke his leg. Holly responded with...

    This happened in the next episode.

    22. The worst prediction? Charlotte predicting that Gaz and Charlotte's relationship had ended.

    Literally 5 minutes later Gaz says this.

    Then 1 minute later Charlotte says this.

    23. But the best reason why the third series was the best? Charlotte's top observations.

    She then followed that thought up with this.

    24. She also wins because of her rhyming.