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Will Ferrell Is Making A Film About The Eurovision Song Contest

Deadline first reported the news, which Netflix later confirmed to BuzzFeed News.

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most ridiculous, ludicrous, confusing, wonderful, inspiring, daftest, political, and beautiful television events in the whole world.


It is also absolute ripe for parody. Netflix today announced an upcoming comedy film starring and written by Will Ferrell, which will actually share the name of the contest: Eurovision.

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Deadline first reported the news, adding that the film project will be of particular interest to international subscribers. Netflix has been trying to increase its footing in Europe, with a recent slate of non–English language dramas on its platform being set in Europe.

Netflix confirmed the Eurovision project to BuzzFeed News, stating that it will be cowritten by Andrew Steele, a former Saturday Night Live writer.

The film's confirmation also solves the mystery of why Ferrell was constantly at this year's Eurovision, including in the crowds watching the semifinal.

Courtesy of Heidi Stephens

And since the name of the project shares the name of the contest, it also appears to have Eurovision's blessing. BuzzFeed News understands that Ferrell watched the contest alongside is a senior figure from European Broadcasting Union, the organisation that broadcasts the contest.

Ferrell is also reportedly a big fan, with reports suggesting that he has watched every contest since 1999.

Just bumped into Will Ferrell backstage at Eurovision. Seriously. Asked if he had a second to chat to Australia- he replied “every country BUT Australia” and laughed. Well played! @SBSEurovision

However, some say a film version isn't a good idea, arguing that the contest cannot be simplified into a movie.

And then there's this.

But alas, how well the Eurovision Song Contest can be summed up in a film is anyone’s guess.


Eurovision Song Contest has been contacted for comment.


Andrew Steele used to write for SNL. An earlier version of this post implied he was still a writer for the show.

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