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    Who Should You Back In The Final Of "The Great British Bake Off"?

    Do you really think Richard is going to win? Let's look back at all of the contestants' showstopper bakes so far.

    Who the *hell* should you support in the final?

    In order to help you decide, here is every single showstopper the finalists have baked, accompanied with the judges' critiques. This doesn't reflect all of their talents, but should help you make up your minds.

    Here are Luis’s bakes, along with the judges' critiques.

    Paul Hollywood: "I think overall I think the idea is very good. I like the pipette, it is very novel. Exposure of sponge though I disagree with, because it will dry out."

    Mary: "We really have got far too thick a pastry, but the idea is lovely. It is the pastry that lets you down."

    Mary: "I think they really look really sensational... You've got a good glaze on there. ... Well done."

    Now here are Nancy's bakes, with Paul and Mary's comments.

    Paul found the raspberry nonnette refreshing but said the chocolate did not go down to the bottom. He said, "The appearance of both of them is low for your standard."

    And finally, here are all of Richard's showstopper bakes.

    Paul: "I think they have got a decent shine on them. I just think the toppings let them down a bit."

    Who should win Bake Off? Well, obviously it's...