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Which Moment In "Love Actually" Wound You Up The Most?

Red Nose Day Actually, the follow-up to Love Actually, is coming to America in May, so let's debate this now.

Face it. You love watching Love Actually.

Universal / Working Title Films

It's a yearly tradition. Watch it. Embrace it. Get emotional by it. Then trash it and tell everyone on the internet that it's a bit shit.

Some scenes are completely ridiculous but yet just weirdly this one.

Universal / Working Title Films

Filmed five minutes after he ruined US–UK diplomatic relationships.

But there are many *small* things in the film that are frustrating, agitating, and rather confusing.

I mean...where to start about this guy?

Universal / Working Title Films

His stalker tendencies. The fact that he recorded the bride for the entirety of her wedding CLOSE-UP and then KEPT THE TAPES AT HIS HOME.

Don’t even get me started about this character.

Universal / Working Title Films

Don't you dare be mean about Martine McCutcheon. How dare you.

Who on earth would write up their manuscript on a typewriter in a light breeze next to an open lake?

Universal / Working Title Films

Were you really going to submit that? First drafts are never the best drafts.

And then there's this "viral" wedding to end all weddings.

Universal / Working Title Films

Yes, I know, this was in 2003.

Still, look at Marc and Sebastian on THOSE FLUTES (I made their names up).

And how can they only afford one bed when they can afford the electricity bill from these Christmas lights?

Universal / Working Title

Let us know what annoyed you in the comments of this post, and your submission could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!