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What Is The Weirdest Accident You've Had That Resulted In A Hospital Visit?

You can get seriously injured by anything.

You're having a good day – then BAM, a weird accident happens and you're off to A&E.

Last week I had to go to hospital because while closing a door at work, I knocked my head on the doorknob laughing at a colleague's joke.

The doctors found the injury really rather weird.

I also once sustained a head injury when I landed headfirst on some Duplo after my sister pushed me off the sofa during a very heated argument.

I still have a bald patch on my head where they glued my head back together, which means that I cannot cut my hair too short.

Sometimes accidents come from nowhere – like when you're not paying attention to your surroundings.

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But sometimes the accident is out of your control.

What's the weirdest injury you've had that resulted in a hospital visit? Share your stories in the comments below.