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19 Times Jon Stewart Nailed It On "The Daily Show"

We'll miss you, Jon.

1. When he said this about Caitlyn Jenner.

He showed how other news stories reported on her.

And made this conclusion.

2. When he defended New York pizza and went on an absolute rage against Chicago deep dish pizza.

3. When the Rachel Dolezal story broke.

4. But then attacked media people who said that her pretending to be black was a trend of some sort.

5. When Chelsea Clinton announced her pregnancy and a lot of the media asked questions like this.

He sarcastically responded with this.

6. When Fox News introduced its new breaking news studio consisting of HUGE iPad-style screens.

Jon said this.

7. When the 2015 UK general election took place and we saw footage of the BBC's virtual studio.

8. When he imitated Glenn Beck for an entire show.


9. When Fox News criticised Obama for disrespecting troops because he was saluting while holding coffee, but then said this while talking about female pilots.

Jon responded with this.

10. When he slammed cable news outlets for claiming he didn't back Obama after the botched rollout of his health care law, by bringing out this choir to sing.

11. When everyone kept asking how a nurse in Dallas managed to contract Ebola from a patient who had recently come back from West Africa.

12. When CNN went crazy when Malaysia Airlines MH370 went missing, which included sexy graphics and information like this.

13. CNN also asked if black holes or the Bermuda Triangle had anything to do with the disappearance of MH370.

To which he responded.

14. When Fox News said there was a "war on Christmas", because a tree made out of beer cans was being erected in Florida and the celebration was called Festivus.

15. When he referred to London 2012 as this.

16. When he compared the shutdown of the federal government to a recent NFL match.

He then followed it up with this.

17. And his important speech shortly after the French magazine Charlie Hebdo was attacked by terrorists.

18. And on the recent Charleston shootings.

19. And finally, the day after he announced he was standing down as the anchor of The Daily Show.

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