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    18 TV Shows That You Should Be Getting Into In 2017

    So many good shows and we're only halfway through the year.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the shows that they have loved this year so far and what shows they would recommend to others.

    1. The Handmaid's Tale

    Take Five/Hulu

    What it's about: Elisabeth Moss stars in a dystopian drama in which America is in civil war and ruled by a totalitarian government. Based on the novel by Margaret Atwood.

    Watch it on: Hulu (US) and Channel 4's All 4 (UK)

    "It paints such an exact and grim picture of a possible dystopian future bringing up current issues and how they have developed to produce harrowing consequences. Issues such as class, pollution, infertility, gender, government, and religion are dealt with here. And the cinematography is stunning."

    – Jazzy, Facebook

    "Not only did it manage to live up to the book, it surpassed it with new information and amazing performances. It both answered questions readers had and brought up new ones. I, for one, cannot wait for the next season."

    – Samantha, Facebook

    2. American Gods

    Amazon Prime / Starz

    What it's about: A war between gods old and new. It's adapted from a novel by Neil Gaiman and stars Ricky Whittle and Ian McShane – also, look out for Gillian Anderson as David Bowie. A second season is out next year.

    Watch it on: Starz (US), Amazon Prime Video (UK)

    "It's the most faithful page-to-screen adaptation I have ever seen."

    – Laura, Facebook

    "The way it weaves myth and culture into reality is disturbing and breathtaking. This is a show where every boundary – between life and death, god and mortal, old and new, belief and fact, right and wrong – is blurred to absolute permeability and it gives it a freedom to make anything possible. And on top of that it's funny and tender and sexy, with a diverse cast, and excellent roles for women."

    – hjj2

    3. Skam


    What it's about: A show about a group of Norwegian teenagers. Skam caused a sensation worldwide for its authentic depiction of relationships and a whole variety of issues, even though it wasn't shown on TV much outside Norway. The final episode aired last month, but it's never too late to catch up.

    Watch it on: NRK (if you're in Norway) and ask a mate (everywhere else)

    "It's a Norwegian teen drama that shows what normal teens go through everyday. So realistic, and the cast are even high-school age. I recommend it to people of all ages as you have probably experienced at least one things talked about."

    – ccschmarr2001

    "Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam Skam (this goes on for some time)."

    – ilvivandevin

    4. Master of None


    What's it about: Dev (Aziz Ansari), a commercial voiceover artist, is trying to get his next, better gig. The show also highlights the many problems love throws up. Everything that was good about Season 1 is even better in Season 2, which opens with a black-and-white episode set in Modena, Italy.

    Watch it on: Netflix

    "It's fantastic. Aziz Ansari, Alan Yang, and Lena Waithe are making magic for Netflix in the form of 'New York, I Love You' and 'Thanksgiving.'"

    – jerikac

    "It's hilariously funny, sweet, and poignant. I loved everything about it."

    – juliadominick|

    5. Legion


    What's it about: Dan Stevens plays David Haller, a man who has spent the majority of his life believing he’s schizophrenic. In the first episode, he discovers that what he thinks are schizophrenic episodes are actually manifestations of the superpowers he never knew he had.

    Watch it on: FXNow (US), Now TV and Fox (UK)

    "Despite being a lover of comedies, the best show of 2017 IMHO is Legion, hands down. I watched the pilot three times in five days. The photography and the soundtrack left me speechless. The actors were just superb (looking at you, Aubrey Plaza). Every episode left me with confusion and curiosity, waiting impatiently for the next one to come."

    – aguvaccaro

    "It was extremely underrated. Yes, it's technically a superhero show, but unlike any you have ever seen before. It's more of a psychological thriller than anything."

    – meredithm4648d6be4

    6. Twin Peaks

    Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

    What's it about: I mean, where do I start? It's hard to explain. I mean, this is TWIN PEAKS. The cult show that was cancelled in 1991 but has amazingly returned 25 years later. While quite a bit of the David Lynch show might not make sense, not knowing what is going on is very much part of the fun.

    Watch it on: Showtime Anytime (US), Sky Atlantic and Now TV (UK)

    "Seeing all the familiar faces I've grown to love through my childhood all grown up and (most of them) where they should be. Its very nice to have the old gang back together after 25 years."

    – eggn

    "It's so aesthetically pleasing and has a ton of unexpected guest stars like Naomi Watts and Michael Cera."

    – maddieg43e7cbe91

    "Oh MAN has it been a wild ride. It's a great continuation of the original series (something that rarely happens with sequels and the like)."

    – laurenelizabethh41f70a266

    7. Sense8

    Murray Close / Netflix

    What's it about: Sense8 is about eight people around the world who are linked together through their senses (hence the name). The science fiction drama received critical praise but was cancelled in June. After a backlash from fans, Netflix announced that it will return for a two-hour finale in 2018.

    Watch it on: Netflix

    "Not only did they stay true to the original integrity and values of the first season, but they also worked incredibly hard to further develop the interpersonal relationships of the cluster. It was just really heartwarming and well-written through out!"

    – hannahc44ba086f2

    "Sense8 was amazing and i am so unbelievably happy they're bringing it back. it fills me with such pride and excitement that I can't describe."

    – olives456d18f9a

    8. Dear White People

    Adam Rose / Netflix

    What's it about: Set at an Ivy League college, Dear White People is about a radio show that tries to correct the racial injustices on campus.

    Watch it on: Netflix

    "I think it's totally necessary for everyone to watch this show. It's so informative and you gain multiple perspectives from the characters about how people perceive different racial issues. It's so empowering and relatable."

    – jeffatkinsgirl

    9. Broadchurch

    Kudos Television / ITV

    What's it about: Broadchurch is not only an excellent crime drama, it masterfully examines how a murder can devastate a small community. And it stars David Tennant and Olivia Colman, some of the finest actors in Britain, too.

    Watch it on: BBC America (US), Now TV and ITV Encore (UK)

    "There's just something about it that's so real, and so painful, without being melodramatic. I had to pause the first episode of the latest series several times to deal with my emotional response to it. I loved seeing characters from previous seasons come back into the story, and I could watch Miller (Olivia Colman) and Hardy (David Tennant) snark at each other all day."

    – Adrienne, Facebook

    10. GLOW

    Erica Parise / Erica Parise/Netflix

    What's it about: Created by the people behind Orange Is the New Black, this new Netflix show follows the female wrestling leagues in the 1980s. Everything in it is peak '80s, and episodes are only 30 minutes each.

    Watch it on: Netflix

    "I loved GLOW. It's the perfect mix of respect and irreverence for pro wrestling, has a great soundtrack and aesthetic, amazing ensemble cast, and Alison Brie deserves an Emmy for the scene where she essentially wrestles herself."

    – Jonathan Hamrick, Facebook

    11. Downward Dog


    What's it about: OK, so this show is about a lonely talking dog, but don't let that put you off – Downward Dog got many recommendations from readers. Bad news: The show was cancelled on ABC after eight episodes, but here's hoping that it appears someplace else.

    Watch it on: Hulu (US)

    "Downward Dog ended up being one of my favourites. I honestly wasn't going to give a talking-dog show a chance, but it was really sweet! Then it was cancelled cause we can't have sweet things and dogs all together at once."

    – Nikki, Facebook

    "That show was SO much better than I imagined it'd be."

    – Miranda, Facebook

    12. The Leftovers


    What's it about: This dark drama follows what happens after 140 million people disappear from the world with no explanation. The show is incredibly ambitious and can be at times complex, but stick with it.

    Watch it on: HBO (US), Sky Atlantic and Now TV (UK)

    "The Leftovers better get some damn acting nominations this year – Justin Theroux and Carrie Coon both blew my damn mind. They are so good on that show!"

    – Abby Friedman, Facebook

    13. Riverdale

    Diyah Pera / Diyah Pera/THE CW

    What's it about: Based on the characters in the Archie comics, this increasingly dark show examines the circumstances surrounding the murder of quarterback Jason Blossom in a town where everyone has secrets.

    Watch it on: The CW (US), Netflix (UK)

    "It uses the characters from the Archie comics and it's interesting, with a twist ending. And I mean, Cole Sprouse plays Jughead Jones – that should convince you?"

    – helena07

    "^ is definitely my pick! It's got everything you want in a TV show: drama, mystery, and a whole lot of crazy plot twists."

    – lexieh4280ac72c

    14. Better Call Saul

    K.Short / AMC/Sony

    What's it about: This Breaking Bad spinoff/prequel features many of the characters from the original show and is set a few years before the Walter White storyline kicks off. The acting is sublime, the cinematography stunning, and, better still, a fourth season is with us next year.

    Watch it on: AMC (US), Netflix (UK)

    "If you loved Breaking Bad, this season of Saul finally catches up with the brilliance of it."

    – Simon, Facebook

    "I loved this season!! Writing is amazing and pacing was perfect."

    – Nikki, Facebook

    15. Bill Nye Saves the World

    Eddy Chen / Netflix

    What's it about: Bill Nye is known by a generation of US kids for his fast-paced science show in the '90s. Netflix has now created a whole new series containing many of the elements of what the show did best. Nostalgia-heavy.

    Watch it on: Netflix

    "Watching it made me relive moments of my childhood. It also focuses on contemporary issues to continue to appeal to his original audience – '90s and '00s kids!"

    – amberj4ffe70a6c

    16. Orange Is the New Black

    Cara Howe/Netflix

    What's it about: This show about the lives of women inmates at a poorly run minimum-security prison debuted its fifth season just a few weeks ago. And the entirety of the latest season is set over three days, during a prison riot.

    Watch it on: Netflix

    "The whole prison riot arc was amazing this season. And Flaritza were on point. And of course who can forget 'Litchfield Idol' and ~that~ whole Magic Mike performance. My fav has to be that whole horror movie parody episode – 'The Tightening' was sooo funny."

    – emilycalles1999

    "Danielle Brooks as Taystee was a standout this season as her character tried to make the chaos. As always, the cliffhanger at the end made me hungry for next season and the riot aftermath."

    – Erin, via email

    17. Big Little Lies

    Home Box Office / Sky Atlantic

    What's it about: Starring Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, and Nicole Kidman, this dark comedy-drama is about a murder exposing the reality of a perfect community and neighbourhood. It's only seven episodes long, so it's easy to get into.

    Watch it on: HBO Go (US), Sky Atlantic and NOW TV (UK)

    "Incredible performances by an amazing cast, beautiful scenery, the perfect mix of drama, suspense, and wit – I was hooked from the first episode. Not to mention I want to own Reese Witherspoon's entire wardrobe."

    – Molly, Facebook

    18. Doctor Who

    Des Willie / BBC/BBC Worldwide/Shutterstock

    What's it about: Doctor Who is more than 50 years old, so you should know by now. It has had a real return to form with the current season, which is star Peter Capaldi and showrunner Steven Moffat's last. Expect a new Doctor by the end of the year.

    Watch it: BBC America (US), BBC iPlayer (UK)

    "From the last few seconds of the finale, I'm guessing the Christmas episode is gonna be EPIC."

    – Beverley, Facebook

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