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    We Now Have A New Most Hated Character In "Game Of Thrones"


    The shocking twist at the end of Game of Thrones Season 5 was Jon Snow being stabbed and killed.

    Game of Thrones / HBO

    Quite a lot of people didn't want it to happen.

    Quite a lot of people didn't expect it to happen.

    At this point I'm starting to believe that I could get killed off while watching #GameofThrones

    Who killed him first? Well, it wasn't much of a surprise.

    Game of Thrones / HBO

    It was Alliser Thorne, who let's just say "doesn't get on" with Snow.

    And then Olly suddenly comes into view.

    Game of Thrones / HBO

    We were all like, "Oh hello, Olly. What are you doing here?"

    And he stabs Snow. Really aggressively.

    Game of Thrones / HBO


    me: ill never hate someone more than joffrey ramsey: wait me: except ramsey stannis: wait me: except stannis olly: wait #GameofThrones

    Also Olly is the reason you should never have an intern. #GameofThrones

    You might be wondering who on earth Olly is. Well, we met him when he was attacked by wildlings.

    Game of Thrones / HBO

    The wildlings also killed his parents, but he soon bonded with Snow.

    He was also at the hustings when Snow was appointed Lord Commander of The Night's Watch.

    Game of Thrones / HBO

    Look at him. Not sad at all.

    But Olly turned against Snow because of his relationship with the people who killed his parents.

    Game of Thrones / HBO

    And it's made worse by the fact that towards the end of Season 4, Olly killed Ygritte with a bow and arrow.

    Game of Thrones / HBO

    Without Olly, they could have still been together. They could have still continued to be a "thing" this season.

    Singing "Wildlings", their song.

    But now that's never going to happen, Olly. It is never going to happen because you killed them both*.

    Red Nose Day /

    *I mean, five other people also killed Snow at the same time, but still.

    Oh, and poor Jon. He does not know how to wink.

    Heck, we're even supporting Melisandre now.

    Game of Thrones / HBO

    Oh...and the White Walkers.

    I hope the white walkers come and kill every single one of the nights watch. Idgaf. All of them can die. Including Ollie. #GameOfThrones

    I give up. Now rooting for the White Walkers to just kill everyone #GameofThrones

    Jon Snow dies, comes back as a whitewalker, leads the whitewalkers to kill everyone on the show, then they come out of the TV to kill us all


    This about sums it up... #GameofThronesFinale

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