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18 Times The Even And Isak "Skam" Storyline Was Everything

SPOILERS if you haven't watched this show yet (btw you should).

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You have to watch Skam. It's a Norwegian show about a group of teenagers set in Oslo.

I've never seen a show that's so realistic and so intimate. And the third season's plotline between Even (Henrik Holm) and Isak (Tarjei Sandvik Moe) is unmissable.


And everyone couldn't stop noticing how happy and excited Even was, whilst Isak was goddamn shy.


4. When fans noticed Isak hadn't changed his bed for practically the entire season.

Let's hope Isak has changed his bed linens at this point


And when fans noticed the importance of this scene later on in the season.

their last kiss was in the same place even intended to kiss isak for the first time, i want death.


12. When everyone noticed how their relationship changed between seasons 3 and 4.


don't you just love pararells


13. When a fan made an illustration of them together.

Instagram: @elli_skam

And the scene was re-created in Season 4.

Shout-out to 'elli_skam' on Instagram for making this scene happen. Julie Andem must have loved your fanart.


17. When they casually did this at the start of Season 4.


18. And when we learned that they were now living together.

Even and Isak. The best relationship on television.

And what a marvellous, inspiring, meaningful show.

Instagram: @jonas9000


Isak was upset at Even being in a relationship with Sonja. An earlier version of this post implied that Isak was the one in a relationship with Sonja.