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    There's Going To Be A Show Called "Vlogglebox" Where Teens Review Online Content

    Instead of families reviewing shows on the sofa, this version will consist of young people reviewing viral and short-form clips on their phones.

    Gogglebox, a show where people at home review television, has become a bit of an obsession in the UK.

    Studio Lambert / Channel 4

    The format, which features ordinary people commenting on what they're watching, has also created some stars. Scarlett Moffatt (pictured above) has gone on to present for Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway and will be presenting a revived version of Streetmate later this year. The Reverend Kate Bottley has also presented various religious programmes such as Songs of Praise.

    It's also led to a spinoff called Gogglesproggs, where young kids review the shows as well as the week's news.

    Now there's going to be another spinoff called Vlogglebox, on E4, consisting of a younger cast watching viral videos and other online content each week.

    Joe Sugg /

    Created by Studio Lambert, the same production company that makes Gogglebox, the series will run for six episodes. The logic behind it is that young people aren't just watching conventional television any more.

    The turnaround will be quick. The plan is for contributors to review viral and online clips in the same week that they originally became popular.

    A key difference between Gogglebox and Vlogglebox is that you're not likely to be seeing contributors reviewing clips from their sofas.

    Studio Lambert / Channel 4

    As people watch viral clips in places other than just at home, the show will try to reflect this, and will be shot in a variety of locations. This includes buses, restaurants, parks, and so on.

    It's also not going to be filmed in the same way. Most of the show will be shot by the cast themselves on iPhones and on cameras that will be attached to their devices.

    In a press statement, Ralph Lee, deputy chief creative officer for Channel 4, said: "This new project with Studio Lambert brings a unique mix of short-form content and innovation to the recognisable Gogglebox brand – bringing together the best of traditional television and changing viewing habits of teenagers. It is a great opportunity to explore new ways to engage with younger audiences and hear what the youth of today really think about the world around them.”

    Let's just hope it is as damn sassy as the original.

    Gogglebox / Studio Lambert

    Vlogglebox will be on E4 from Sunday 18 June.

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