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Val's Noah's Ark On "Bake Off" Is Absolutely Bloody Amazing

Her explanation on why there is only one elephant? "They've argued."

In this week's Showstopper, Val decided to make this wonderful Noah's Ark thing for some reason.

Love Productions / BBC / Via

Her logic behind her bake is something else.

BBC / Love Productions / Via

No explanation. Just like when she could hear her bakes.

Mel's reaction says it all.

BBC / Love Productions / Via

This is Val's world and we're all just living in it #GBBO

What then followed was Val explaining why her bake contains only one dove instead of two.

Love Productions / BBC / Via

Of course. How silly of us to question that.

Val then presented her "Noah's Ark."

BBC / Love Productions

Val's safari mausoleum should win the whole damn show tbh #gbbo

Paul continued to criticise her bake for quite some time. Then Mary came out with this immortal line.

"It's not a mess. It's informal."

'it's not a mess, it's informal' My new fave line which I will apply to most areas of my life from here on out #GBBO

New Grindr bio: 'I'm not a mess, I'm informal' #gbbo

And to top it off, Val came back with a line of pure sass when Paul said that his bake was salty.

Love Productions / BBC

Every single week that Val continues to be in Bake Off is an absolute joy. Truly. A joy.

BBC / Love Productions

Please let it continue as long as possible.

BBC / Love Productions

If Val can make it to week four, I can make it through today #gbbo

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