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    19 Moments From Children's TV That Were Actually Really Fucking Traumatising

    "I had a dream he murdered someone and I always believed it happened in an actual episode."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the TV shows that scarred them as children. Here are some of the best responses.

    1. A Looney Tunes cartoon where Tweety falls into Dr Jekyll's formula and becomes a Mr Hyde–style monster.

    2. An episode of Pingu where Pingu has a nightmare that he is being chased by a giant walrus.

    3. Whenever the bear in Bear in the Big Blue House put his nose close to the camera.

    4. The Sesame Street sketch where Bert thinks Ernie has been taken away by Martians, Ernie reassures him that he's fine, then Martians come through the wall.

    5. The fact that in Teletubbies televisions light up in their stomachs and feature children waving out.

    6. Oh, and a giant mechanical lion and bear that rolled around Tellytubby mountain on a large set of wheels.

    7. When Arnold has a dream in Hey Arnold that he's an old man, and then sees his grandfather decomposing at the back of the bus.

    8. The appearance of the Green-Eyed Monster in the usually quaint cartoon The Berenstain Bears.

    9. The style of animation and voice of Angela in the Canadian cartoon Angela Anaconda.

    10. The Mr Smartypants "Dance in Smarty Pants" song and puppet from the educational show Between the Lions.

    11. Truth or Scare, a kids' spooky stories show, and in particular the episode about an invisible ghost that taunted a man until he died.

    12. The Demon Headmaster, a British kids' show about a headmaster who would hypnotise his students every time he took off his glasses.

    13. The absolutely huge lion who managed to play the guitar from the 1970s show Animal Kwackers.

    14. Goosebumps, and in particular the episode where the puppets come alive and get increasingly bigger.

    15. The "Attack of the Slime Monster" episode of the US kids' series Ghostwriter.

    16. The episode of the Canadian kids' show Mr Meaty where Parker has a tapeworm taken out of him.

    17. The Chuckle Brothers, two British slapstick comedians who in ChuckleVision always used to say "to me" and "to you" to each other.

    18. Every single one of the animal deaths in the super-bleak European children's television show The Animals of Farthing Wood. (Watch the video – it is so grim.)

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    "That show was BRUTAL."

    – Joanna, Facebook

    19. And finally, Mr Blobby, a giant British monster who would smash everything up while shouting: "BLOBBY BLOBBY BLOBBY."

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