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    17 TV Show Episodes That Properly Annoyed The Fuck Out Of People

    The episodes where Joey and Rachel were an item. 😬

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the TV episodes that properly frustrated them and we got a lot of responses.

    🚨 BE WARNED: There are a lot of spoilers ahead. 🚨

    1. When Rachel and Joey got together in Friends

    2. The musical episode of Grey's Anatomy

    3. The episode of Angel where Angel watches on as Cordelia, his girlfriend, has sex with Connor, his son

    4. When Eleven temporarily joined a punk group in Stranger Things Season 2

    5. When Lexa died in an episode of The 100

    6. When Clay and Quinn temporarily became ghosts in an episode of One Tree Hill

    7. And the episode of One Tree Hill where Lucas has a dream and everyone is transported to the 1940s

    8. The episode of Breaking Bad that consisted of Walter trying to chase a fly, unsuccessfully

    9. The "Johnny Karate" episode of Parks and Recreation

    10. The finale episode of the second generation of Skins

    11. "The Final Problem" episode of Sherlock where we find out about Sherlock's forgotten sister

    12. The "Scott's Tots" episode of The Office, where Michael promised an entire class that he would cover their college tuition, when he never had the money

    13. When Derek died in Grey's Anatomy because they didn't perform a CT scan after he had an accident

    14. When Donna had to have her memory wiped in the "Journey's End" episode of Doctor Who

    15. The seventh series and final episode of True Blood

    16. When everyone was annoyed at Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer when she decided to run away in Season 3

    17. And finally, when Rory got with a married Dean in Gilmore Girls


    Rory did a lot more than just kiss a married Dean on Gilmore Girls. An earlier version of this post said they just kissed.

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    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.