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    17 TV Show Episodes That Properly Annoyed The Fuck Out Of People

    The episodes where Joey and Rachel were an item. 😬

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the TV episodes that properly frustrated them and we got a lot of responses.

    🚨 BE WARNED: There are a lot of spoilers ahead. 🚨

    1. When Rachel and Joey got together in Friends

    NBC / Warner Bros Television

    "Those couple of episodes in Friends where they tried to make Joey and Rachel a thing just seemed so forced. It felt like something the writers came up with to try and surprise us but it really just weirded everybody out."


    2. The musical episode of Grey's Anatomy

    Shondaland / Disney–ABC Television

    "I waited seven long days to see what happened in the car accident and if Callie and the baby were alright, just to watch everyone dancing and singing around! It totally ruined that whole accident and plotline."


    "It could have been such a powerful story but they just completely wrecked it. Who the fuck thought that was a good idea?!"


    3. The episode of Angel where Angel watches on as Cordelia, his girlfriend, has sex with Connor, his son

    The WB / 20th Century Television

    "The episode of Angel where Angel's son sleeps with Angel's girlfriend while Angel watches. What the heck?! That's just wrong."


    "It is just weird and gross since she served as a mother figure for him as a baby."


    4. When Eleven temporarily joined a punk group in Stranger Things Season 2


    "It was so out of place, and afterwards it was like the events of that episode never happened."


    "I mean, everyone has their awkward phase growing up, but we didn't need to see it when she's meant to be finding Mike?! I prefer to forget it ever happened, TBH."


    5. When Lexa died in an episode of The 100

    The CW / Warner Bros Television

    "You just had to sit there and take it after she finally actualized her feelings for Clarke. And then to rub salt in the wound, they bring her back in the very end just to make sure you know her character arc is done.

    "Honestly, all of Season 3 hurt my heart."


    6. When Clay and Quinn temporarily became ghosts in an episode of One Tree Hill

    The CW / Warner Bros

    "Clay and Quinn’s weird ghost-limbo storyline was extremely annoying and corny, especially considering that most of the audience wasn’t very invested in them (they were fine, but not really that interesting)."


    7. And the episode of One Tree Hill where Lucas has a dream and everyone is transported to the 1940s

    The CW / Warner Bros

    "It was so pointless!"


    8. The episode of Breaking Bad that consisted of Walter trying to chase a fly, unsuccessfully

    AMC / Sony Pictures Television

    "Seriously the most useless, stupid episode in a series I've ever seen."


    "Literally nothing happened."

    – Shiloh, Facebook

    9. The "Johnny Karate" episode of Parks and Recreation

    Universal / NBC

    "The 'Johnny Karate' episode. It's the third-to-last episode of the entire series and it just feels like they could've done better."


    10. The finale episode of the second generation of Skins

    Company Pictures / E4

    "Freddie’s dead and no one is too bothered, Effy miraculously gets amazing grades, Thomas and Pandora magically end up at Harvard together. Skins has some quite unrealistic storylines but this episode in particular was just absolute nonsense."


    11. "The Final Problem" episode of Sherlock where we find out about Sherlock's forgotten sister

    BBC / Hartswood Films

    "I hated most of Season 4 and this episode really blew it for me. Where did this sister come from? A lot of the people were just out of character."


    12. The "Scott's Tots" episode of The Office, where Michael promised an entire class that he would cover their college tuition, when he never had the money

    NBCUniversal Television / NBC

    "These kids worked so hard to get the chance to go to college, and it was kind of obvious that a lot of those kids now won’t get to go because of money. I can’t watch it and in rewatches I skip it every time."


    "Nope nope nope once was enough for me thank you."


    13. When Derek died in Grey's Anatomy because they didn't perform a CT scan after he had an accident

    Shondaland / ABC

    "Derek saved all those people, but died because the hospital didn’t take a head CT. And the neurosurgeon took ages to get there because of a stupid dinner!"


    "That was the straw that broke the camel’s back."


    14. When Donna had to have her memory wiped in the "Journey's End" episode of Doctor Who

    BBC Wales

    "Mind-wiping Donna without her consent was seriously gross. I will never ever watch that episode ever again."

    – Beverley, Facebook

    15. The seventh series and final episode of True Blood

    HBO / Warner Bros Television

    "To be fair, I didn't watch it – which says a lot about my feelings after seven seasons! Instead, I read the Wikipedia summary of it because I just couldn't handle a full hour of being that angry at such a limp, "let's all be normal and have babies and BBQs" anticlimax."

    – Heather, Facebook

    "It was a trainwreck. The whole series was falling apart for a while and this was just not necessary. They did not even offer closure for Lafayette, who was my favorite character throughout the entire series."

    – Lorissa, Facebook

    16. When everyone was annoyed at Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer when she decided to run away in Season 3

    Mutant Enemy Productions / 20th Century Fox

    "It always bothers me that everyone was mad at Buffy for running away and 'leaving them alone'. She was a 17-year-old girl who had to kill the guy she loved in order to save the world. She went through something unbelievably traumatic and I think it's only natural that she needed to get away to somehow put herself back together.

    Plus, if memory serves, in the Season 2 finale her mother told her not to come back home (real great parenting there, Joyce). I know she 'didn't really mean it', but there's no excuse for ever saying something like that to your child."

    – Aniela, Facebook

    17. And finally, when Rory got with a married Dean in Gilmore Girls

    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    "I could’ve thrown a chair. I could’ve thrown a table. I could’ve thrown Dean."



    Rory did a lot more than just kiss a married Dean on Gilmore Girls. An earlier version of this post said they just kissed.

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    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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