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13 Questions Every British Person Will Ask When They Watch "The Royals"

"Why is there a guy called Prince Liam?" Note: This post contains spoilers about the first episode.

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1. At the start, why does Elizabeth Hurley say that she is the "Queen of England"? It's wrong. / Via

The REAL Queen is the Queen of the United Kingdom, which includes not only England but Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland too.

Have all these countries declared independence? It isn't explained.


7. Why does the Queen's "Head of Security" live in a clock tower next to the palace where the royals live?

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We've got a housing crisis but not that much of a housing crisis. I guess that you're always able to tell the time though, albeit backwards.

Anyway, the family then hears the news that Prince Robert (a guy we've never seen) has died and the family is very sad about him being dead and everything.


Catch The Royals in the US on Sundays at 10pm on E!

The first episode debuts in the UK at 9 pm on Wednesday 25th March on E!