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    Tom Daley Is Making Videos Posing Half-Naked With Food And It's Weird But Also Wonderful

    And very informative.

    So Tom Daley has been doing a series of health and food videos lately with misleading headlines like this.

    No, this isn't a competition to sleep with Tom Daley.

    And in these videos he poses topless with a whole array of food to illustrate his points, like these eggs.

    Whilst talking about protein.

    And this lemon.

    Whilst talking about the immune system.

    And this white bread.

    You do hear him talk whilst he does these poses, by the way. He isn't flapping white bread in front of you in silence.

    He also airpunches potatoes like this.

    And uses white bread to make him look like the devil.

    And uses lemons to hide his nipples like this.

    Same with these vegetables*


    You see him in giving appreciative nods to both the wholemeal pasta and bread like this.

    But then dissing bread like one minute later.

    And hating on cheesecake.

    But this is nothing compared to a video on the benefits of drinking coffee, when he showers in coffee beans.

    And he really flaunts it.

    He is in a shower of coffee beans.

    Naturally, he then has a bath in the coffee.

    Like this is totally normal. Totally. Normal.

    Question to Tom Daley: WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?

    You can watch his food and health videos here.

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