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    "The Crystal Maze" Is Coming Back For A One-Off Special Hosted By Stephen Merchant

    UPDATE: Channel 4 confirms reports that The Crystal Maze is returning. It will air in October.


    Channel 4 has confirmed that Stephen Merchant will be the host of a one-off Crystal Maze episode to raise money for Stand Up to Cancer. The episode will air in October.

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    Merchant said in a press statement: "As a huge fan of the original series, I’m honoured to support Stand Up to Cancer by hosting this one-off edition of The Crystal Maze. Richard O’Brien and Ed Tudor-Pole leave big shoes to fill, but I have size 14 feet, so I’ll do my best."

    The episode will be filmed at The Crystal Maze experience in London and will feature classic games as well as a few new ones.

    Original report below.

    A report in The Sun today claims that the classic '90s show The Crystal Maze will return with a one-off special to raise money for charity.


    The newspaper reported that the cult game show, which consisted of various people failing hopelessly at challenges in four different zones, will be returning later this year for a celebrity special. They tipped David Tennant to be the host.

    A source at Channel 4 told BuzzFeed News that they are looking into a celebrity special to raise funds for Stand Up to Cancer in October. BuzzFeed News understands that reports of Tennant being involved are inaccurate.

    A spokesperson for The Crystal Maze experience in London also told BuzzFeed News that the episode will be made on its premises.

    The Crystal Maze

    They were not able to confirm who will be presenting or the celebrities who will be taking part, but added that they are very much involved and will announce more details soon.

    Naturally this news has got a lot of people excited.

    Celeb Crystal Maze!! I've less than 1 month to become a celebrity. Anyone got Ronnie Pickering's publicist's number?

    The Crystal Maze isn't The Crystal Maze without Richard O'Brien spontaneously bashing out a Piano rift in the Medieval Zone.

    I hear The Crystal Maze will be back for a one off episode won't be the same without Richard O'Brien

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