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    This Is What Having An iPhone 6 Plus Is Actually Like

    You get asked "OMG is that an iPhone 6 Plus?" approximately 4647 times.

    Firstly, let's get this out of the way.

    Matthew Tucker / BuzzFeed

    However, it IS possible to fit an iPhone 6 Plus into your tight jean pockets. It might require some Vaseline, but it does squeeze in. And your new phone is pickpocket-proof too, because you always feel your phone rubbing against your inner thigh.

    When you open the box your iPhone 6 Plus came in, you don't actually look at it. Instead you look at your tiny old little phone right next it, which now looks really, really small and sad. After rubbing both phones together to look as if they are both having frantic sex, you recycle your old phone or bury it.

    Friends compare your phone with theirs.

    Matthew Tucker / BuzzFeed

    They put their phone on top of it, under it, next to it, and underneath it.

    Absolutely everyone wants to touch your phone. So far, six colleagues, three strangers I met in the bar, and one drunk guy who was at the time peeing in a men's urinal at a pub have asked to look at my phone, either from seeing me touch the screen or from recognising the contours of the phone of my inner thigh.

    You will give your phone to absolutely anyone to play with. Normally having a complete stranger asking you to hold your phone is incredibly suspicious, but quite honestly you're so excited you don't care who the hell has it.

    However, you will request that people you meet by urinals wash their hands before touching it. This is primarily for health and safety reasons.

    When you give your iPhone to others you always hear the same questions. What is more, they are asked in exactly the same order every time.

    These questions are as follows.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    They ask you this even though they have already asked you once if it is a new iPhone 6 Plus. You inform them yet again that they are indeed holding one.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    You respond to this by saying, "Yes, it is a bit big, because it is an iPhone 6 Plus."

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed and SAEED KHAN / AFP

    They assume you've slept in a tent outside a shop for nine days. You disappoint them when you say you ordered it on the internet and it arrived in the post.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    They try to stretch their thumb while getting a little bit sweaty. You tell them that if they tap the home button twice the screen will fold, but they ignore this statement and continue to talk over you.

    Finally, they say this.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    They then sigh, throw the phone back to you, and walk away tutting. You stroke your phone and whisper, "Everything will be alright."

    You feel a bit silly for carrying a portable oven tray, but you slowly start to fall in love with it. This is because when you are holding the iPhone 6 Plus you literally cannot see anything else. All you see is screen.

    As it is rather hard to type with only one hand, you hold it with both hands and use both thumbs instead. This makes you feel rather nostalgic for a Game Boy Advance.

    OMG this is a Game Boy Advance.

    Getty Images / Koichi Kamoshida
    Matthew Tucker / BuzzFeed

    Some friends ask you why on earth you bought this phone. You tell them you did it for the additional battery life, but you know you didn't. You did this for the ego and the power.

    You are always afraid your iPhone is losing battery power. You therefore recharge it for three days straight.

    Other friends ask you whether you were worried you were going to get something so big when you ordered it. You say you weren't, mainly because (and you don't tell them this) you and your partner made a paper version three days earlier because you were a bit too excited.

    This is your iPhone 6 Plus paper test model.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    Making this iPhone 6 Plus test model required you to work out the difference between inches and centimetres. As a result, you and your partner got it wrong at first and made a test phone so huge it rivalled the size of your laptop.

    Not everything is perfect with your new iPhone. Not all of the apps have been updated yet for the new screen size, and where Apple has just stretched existing apps, it looks like EVERYTHING ON THE SCREEN IS SHOUTING AT YOU.

    As a result you end up refreshing the App Store updates approximately every 45 minutes. Why? You're waiting for the magic words "this app is now compatible with iOS 8 and the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus".

    There's also the fear of being seen taking a photo with it. Why? Because you might be mistaken for one of those people who take photos with their iPad.

    People who take photos with an iPad are the worst.

    Do you look like a tit when speaking into your phone?

    Matthew Howett

    Yes, you do.

    But quite honestly, who uses their phones for calls anyway?

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