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Tina Fey Devoured A Sheet Cake Whilst Giving A Scathing Speech About Trump's Comments On Charlottesville

“And then Donny Jonny says we need to defend our country’s beautiful Confederate monuments, when you know he would take them down in a second if he thought he could build a bunch of poorly constructed condos on the spot.”

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Tina Fey, a University of Virginia graduate, made a guest appearance on Weekend Update: Summer Edition, to address the situation in Charlottesville.

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She started her speech by arguing that there are not two sides in what happened in Charlottesville, despite President Trump's comments that violence was caused by "both sides".

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She then encouraged Americans to take up "sheet caking" as a way of facing the troubles in the country.

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All of your rants should be made while eating cake.

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She continued by homing in on Donald Trump's comments on the destruction of what he refers to as "beautiful" Confederate statues.

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And saying that “sheet caking” is a thing that many women have been doing ever since Trump got elected.

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She concluded her speech with these words to those who are anxious about rallies that are taking place this weekend.

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Her speech drew a lot of attention on social media.

I support Tina Fey's new #sheetcaking protest movement. A sheet cake a week will only bring more love to the world.…

LOL Tina Fey takes up "sheetcaking" which has been exactly what I've done but with M&M milkshakes.