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    This Video Perfectly Sums Up Why It's Wrong To Obsess Over Harry Styles' Sexuality

    Following media speculation about Harry Styles' sexuality YouTuber James Hill makes a convincing argument about why such a fuss can be dangerous.

    You might have read the news about Harry Styles suggesting that gender was not a major factor for him in choosing a partner.

    Well YouTuber and television presenter James Hill has come out with a convincing video that explains why our habit of endlessly speculating on the sexuality of celebrities is problematic.

    He first ponders why there is so much media attention given to whether people are gay or not.

    He argues that homophobia isn't just about hating gay people, but is also about making assumptions on sexuality based on somebody's character.

    "So the only way we will know if Harry Styles is gay, straight, bisexual, asexual is if he says so."

    Some of the responses have been "yeah but if Harry Styles did come out he would be a really strong role model for the community" which I totally, totally agree with. My point is more the media handles it isn't really helpful."It's not my intention with the video to undermine anyone's experience or to devalue how hard it is to come out, that's not the point I'm trying to make. It's kind of society as a whole that needs to give less of a shit, so that people aren't scared. There's still so much fear about coming out and being feared and being gossiped about.

    You can watch James Hill's video here.

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