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There's A New US Drama About The Royal Family And It Looks Amazingly Terrible

It stars Elizabeth Hurley and Joan Collins, and it looks trashy as hell.

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There is a new U.S. drama called The Royals, about a British Royal Family. It looks awful/AMAZING.

E! Entertainment / The Royals /

The show was created by Mark Schwahn, who was also a writer and producer on One Tree Hill and The O.C.

The trailer for the first series of The Royals, which was already renewed for a second series in the U.S., was released last week, and it features the following...


Elizabeth Hurley is The Queen, who says this: "I'm the Queen of England. When am I not ready?"

E! Entertainment / The Royals /

She then gives out a face of SASSINESS.


The trailer ends on an climax when Liz Hurley says "FML" whilst wearing a posh hat.

The Royals / E! /


You can watch the full trailer here.

Facebook: video.php

The Royals will be shown on E! in the United States at 9 p.m. on March 15.

A U.K. date of transmission has yet to be announced.

(Thanks to @ChiefBrody1984 for spotting the trailer.)