This Spoof “Take Me Out” Musical Will Change The Way You See The Show Forever

“Let the piles see the pliers, Let the bailiff see the house…”

1. Fancy a musical? Consisting of one person and some plastic dolls? Of course you do.

2. Why is it so good? Well he beautifully takes apart Paddy and the puns he constantly uses.

3. Paddy’s puns really don’t make sense do they?

4. Then he chucks Paddy aside to make room for a contestant making a clarification about Fernando’s.

“The island of Fernando. Is not, in fact an island sad to say. It’s a resort in Tenerife, but at least it’s handy for the motorway.”

5. Before God comes down from above…

… and sends Paddy McGuiness to hell for eternal damnation.

6. But not until we hear Paddy McGuiness apologise…

7. If you liked this then you should also check out Jake Yapp pulling apart Radio 4 in 4 minutes.

It’s harder than you think!

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Scott Bryan is the TV editor for BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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