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    Posted on Oct 17, 2017

    This BBC Newsreader Announcing When The Duchess Of Cambridge Is Having Her Baby Is Amazing

    "It's April, so clear your diaries. Get your time off, because that's what I'm doing."

    BBC newsreader Simon McCoy is famous in Britain for a few things. First, starting a news bulletin while holding a packet of photocopier paper for no clear reason.

    BBC News

    To celebrate the anniversary of this event recently, he tweeted this.


    He is also famous for his coverage outside the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge was due to have her baby in 2013, when he delivered straight-up sass:

    BBC News

    He was outside for hours and it was a dream to behold.

    BBC News

    Well, today McCoy had to deliver the news that the Duchess of Cambridge's third baby had a due date, and the way he reacted to the story was simply class.

    This BBC Breaking News alert where @BBCSimonMcCoy announces when Kate Middleton is having her birthday is PEAK SIMO…

    The first half of the video consists of him delivering the royal baby news – with a slight sprinkle of cynicism.

    BBC News

    But it was in the second half that he really let rip.

    BBC News

    BTW, this is the SAME newsreader who went viral in August when he showed utter disdain when he had to report on a story about surfing dogs in California.

    .@BBCSimonMcCoy providing all the enthusiasm this story about surfing dogs deserves.

    God bless you, Simon McCoy.

    BBC News

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