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This British Show Has Got Properly Psychic Things And It's Well Worth Your Time

This is an investigation into This Morning's weird knack for predicting the future.

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A show that I swear exists because of the amount of people taking a photo of the screen and tweeting it along with, "What the fuck is on This Morning?"


But here's the thing. This Morning has this amazing psychic ability. Yes, psychic. The show has managed to predict a lot of events recently, including 2018 World Cup matches.

The first time I remember this happening was when the show had a guest who claimed that she was able to predict the future by tossing asparagus onto a table.

ITV / This Morning / Via

By evaluating the patterns the asparagus left on the table, "asparamancer" Jemima Packington claimed that Mad Max was going to win Best Picture at the Oscars.

She got that wrong (lol) BUT HER NEXT PREDICTION, that This Morning would win at the National Television Awards, was right. And we all know how that turned out.

ITV / This Morning / Via

If you didn't know how it all turned out (lol), presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby turned up to the show without having gone to bed first, still wearing the same clothes they had worn the previous night.

It was a symbolic cultural moment in the history of the United Kingdom.

In 2016 the show turned to psychic bananas, which started when Willoughby predicted the outcome of a football match by cutting up a banana LIVE.

ITV / This Morning / Via

If cutting up a banana right at the end results in a Y, then it means that the answer is yes and if it is... Blah blah blah blah blah, you get the gist.


And now, the show has a pig that is currently correctly predicting the outcome of every. Single. England. Game. In. The. World. Cup.


The first prediction happened shortly before England's game against Tunisia. If you are wondering how you become a mystic pig owner, here you go:

ITV / This Morning / Via

The crux of the pig's success: It is seventh piglet of a seventh piglet.

Then, after a bit of a delay because the pig wasn't media-trained for live television, Marcus the Pig ate the England apple ahead of the England vs Tunisia match.


At this point, mystic pig conspiracy theorists started to claim that the pig was tugged towards the England apples, which personally I do not believe because I have rewatched all of the mystic pig footage and the pig appears to have free will.


So BuzzFeed News has contacted This Morning to find out if Marcus the Mystic Pig would be on the show the next day and got this response:

Yes we are hoping to get Marcus back for tomorrow’s show, but as always with any live show, every item/guest can be subject to change.

I also just want to also point out that I am dyslexic and I cannot easily spell psychic so writing this article has been an actual nightmare.


BREAKING: The pig that predicts games for the World Cup and has done it correctly for the past four matches HAS PICKED ENGLAND.