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"This Morning" Has Now Tackled The Important Issue Of Vagina Facials

Lisa Palmer, a dating and relationship coach for the over-forties, has invented the "vajacial", a procedure that helps treat "dry, sagging vaginas".

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This is Lisa Palmer. She's the inventor the vagina facial, or "vajacial", which claims to help improve a part of a woman's body that is often neglected.

ITV / This Morning

Palmer, a dating and relationship coach for the over-forties, says that "80% [of her clients] have got dry, sagging vaginas", and that being in a long-term relationship can result in people neglecting their vaginas.

This was Phillip Schofield's reaction to her claims.

ITV / This Morning

Schofield questioned Palmer calling her procedure a "vajacial", because her treatment is predominantly for the outside part of the vagina rather than the inside. It has also not been tested by scientists. According to her, "They haven't said a word."

She has tested a variety of ingredients. One time she inserted sliced onions into her vagina.

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She "put it in there and mixed it round" because she says onions are great to prevent aging.


However, before applying the cream, the area around your vagina needs to be steamed for 15 minutes.

ITV / This Morning

You should start seeing a difference within three to six months.

She then tried the treatment out for herself off-screen. And this is what she had to say about it.

ITV / This Morning

She told the presenters, "Well I'm going to reserve my judgement until the next time I dance the horizontal tango."

The interview ended after Scholfield said this.

This Morning / ITV

"If you've got a shambolic downstairs, you put this on."