"The Staircase" Is A Compelling Documentary On Netflix That You Need To Watch

    FYI: This is a non-spoiler review.

    You really should be watching The Staircase, a 13-part true crime documentary, out today on Netflix. It examines the complex trial of Michael Peterson, a novelist accused of killing his wife Kathleen in their family home in 2001.

    The Staircase focuses on the trial primarily from the perspective of the defence, featuring interviews with Michael, his family, and his lawyer David Rudolf (pictured right). It's spliced with scenes from within the courtroom.

    So why does this documentary deserve your time? Part of it is the engrossing character study of Michael Peterson.

    The series is also so compelling simply because I have never seen a documentary that stays committed to a subject for such a long period of time.

    And in such a short period of time The Staircase manages to weave together so many issues that you will debate with whoever you are watching with – from the fairness of the US justice system, to intrusions by the media, to the impact the loss of Kathleen had on members of the family who believed Michael was guilty, as well as those who thought he was innocent.

    The Staircase is available on Netflix.