This Is What Life Is Like When Both Your Parents Are Air Traffic Controllers

    They literally have the best headphones ever. Seriously, guys.

    1. Your parents have the superpower of being able to tell where a plane is flying to in the sky at all times.

    2. They also know whether your flight is delayed without having to check a website, because if they are at work they can check a radar.

    Radars are so cool. All those lines. And that twirling, circling thing.

    3. There is also the possibility that they could actually be controlling the plane you're flying on.

    4. Even though they're good at their job, they don't know how to work home computers.

    5. But it's even more terrifying watching Lost with your parents at the part when the plane crashed.

    6. They might also buy Final Destination thinking it was a comedy film, not a plane-exploding horror film.

    7. But they redeem themselves at Christmas, because they've made flight plans for Santa.

    NORAD is most famous for doing this, but my parents used to do it along with all of their colleagues at their work during the holidays. They used to bring home flight plans for Santa afterwards.

    This was fucking exciting when you were five.

    8. And they never boast about their jobs to other people ever. They just take everything in their stride.

    9. But you feel ridiculous if you are uncomfortable about flying in case it undermines their job.

    You end up lying to them about how that flight went. “No, Mum, there wasn't any turbulence on that flight causing me to go into the brace position and cry AT ALL.”

    10. You also feel ridiculous because you never really understand what they actually do in their jobs.

    11. You love that they're able to speak the police alphabet without even thinking.

    12. But feel bad because you can't do the police alphabet anywhere near as well as them.

    13. When you tell others that your parents are air traffic controllers, they think they do this...

    Although that role does sound really quite cool.

    14. ...and then always ask this.

    15. Along with this question.

    16. This question.

    17. And finally, "Aren't their jobs really stressful?"

    18. But the best thing about their role, by far? They wear headsets with funky padding. Funky padding.