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    Nov 15, 2013

    This Is What It Is Like To Get Text Messages From Your Mother

    @TextsFromMum lists real texts sent to two Twitter users from their mother. We all get text messages from our mothers like this though.

    Not at home anymore? Not to worry. Now that they regularly use a mobile phone they text you instead.


    Ring you to arrange things? Not anymore.

    They update you with every little detail.

    I mean it.



    Matt Cardy / Getty Images

    The post is for you though.



    She might send you a present.


    So long as you send her one in return.

    Weather is a popular talking point.

    80% of all messages from her are about the weather.

    Paul Gilham / Getty Images

    Stay safe.

    Richard Heathcote Getty Images

    But they let you know that they are safe afterwards.

    Some texts do contain errors.

    You can get quite confused.

    Some texts require further explanation.

    BBC Films / Tiger Aspect Pictures / Via

    It's as if you never left home.


    Although they are having a lot of fun without you.

    And remember... they love you very much.

    Find more at @textsfrommum.

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