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    This Woman Turned Her Fiancé's Car Into A Giant Chicken Nugget

    No, the car is not made out of chicken, and this show is 1000000% not Pimp My Ride.

    So there's a new show called Carjackers where people steal a car from their lover or best mate and turn it into something else. This is Sarah from Barnsley, and she wants to turn her fiancé's car into a chicken nugget.

    Electric Ray / E4 / Via

    This show is absolutely not Pimp My Ride.

    Dan then finds out that his car has been stolen, but doesn't know that it is for the television show.

    Electric Ray / E4 / Via

    He's then told that his car has not been stolen but has been "Carjacked." It's weirder still as this is the first series of the show and he obviously has no idea that this is a catchphrase for a show that doesn't exist yet.

    And alas, here is the car.

    Electric Ray / E4 / Via

    It looks like shit.

    Electric Ray / E4 / Via

    I'm not going to lie, I'm writing this the morning after my work's Christmas party and writing this post has made me completely lose my appetite. Cheers.

    Electric Ray / E4 / Via

    It's not made out of chicken nuggets.

    Do you think that as a society we have run out of ideas and we should just totally give up?

    Electric Ray / E4 / Via

    I'm also concerned at the lack of visibility through the back window.

    Please can this article end?

    Electric Ray / E4 / Via

    Even the font is shit.

    Her review? "This is just embarrassing."

    Electric Ray / E4 / Via

    Great. I'm feeling ill and she's feeling embarrassed.

    It also feels like a chicken nugget, apparently.

    Electric Ray / E4 / Via

    Here's another car featured in the show.

    Electric Ray / E4 / Via

    And here is another car in the show.

    Electric Ray / E4 / Via

    In conclusion: I don't have one. I can't.

    Electric Ray / E4

    You can watch Carjackers on E4 Monday-Friday at 7pm or watch episodes on All4.

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