A California Teen Is Confused Because Everyone Keeps Tweeting That She Killed Lucy From “EastEnders”

    She's handling the situation in a brilliant way, though. Warning: spoilers about EastEnders.

    On EastEnders Live we learnt that Bobby, an 11-year-old child, killed another character called Lucy Beale.

    Meanwhile Bobbie Beale, from California, who is obviously unrelated to Bobby in EastEnders and is not a child, started to receive tweets on her timeline.

    And this.

    So incredibly confused, she then tweeted this.

    Why are 3 people from Scotland that I don't know, tweeting me about killing someone named Lucy...

    She's since received hundreds and hundreds of interactions, joking about her killing Lucy.

    @BobbieBeale it's okay son, you won me £25💸💸💸💸💸💸

    @BobbieBeale @americanmirrors @missbayleelynn look your name is Bobbie Beale, what do you expect?! Google eastenders, you murdered your sis

    @BobbieBeale @missbayleelynn it doesn't matter. You killed Lucy

    Some people though stated the obvious.

    @lauren_tarryxo @BobbieBeale dude how did she kill someone if she lives in California? I think she would be in jail and not tweeting 😂

    Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Bobbie was perplexed because she hadn’t heard of EastEnders — and to make matters crazier, Lucy is the name of her dog.

    "I was definitely confused," she said. "I saw the BBC tweet it, and then I realised. I looked up the show and I thought, Oh, this makes sense now, but at first I was really confused because I thought it was a real-life thing and I thought Bobby Beale killed someone and I was like, 'It's not me.'"

    Her sister also got involved.

    Apparently my little sister is killin' people in the UK. I always knew she was the little devil. @BobbieBeale 😈

    She has also tweeted this photo.

    She basically won the situation, really.

    Making the best out of the situation by posting a selfie 💃

    She told BuzzFeed News, "I'm getting all of these followers so I might as well take a selfie."