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    This How Every Single Company Should Interact With Their Customers On Twitter

    Includes slagging off your rivals and insulting your customers.

    1. This is how you should interact with your customers.

    2. If they're stuck, provide some personal advice.

    3. Make it possible to fix any customer problem.

    4. And when I mean any customer problem, I mean ANY problem a customer faces.

    5. But remember... the customer isn't always right.

    6. Sometimes customers are utter idiots.

    7. Some customers aren't that pleasant.

    8. If they aren't that nice, shut them down.

    9. What else should you do if you are a brand? Start talking to your rivals, like Innocent Smoothies did with the East London nightclub The Dolphin.

    10. 10. If you hate your rivals, and your rivals hate you, it can become rather obvious though.

    11. So just start slagging them off.