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    This Correct Guess In The Final Round Of "Pointless" Is Absolutely Sensational

    Just what are the odds of it being right?

    So a really strange and amazing thing happened in Pointless yesterday. In case you're unfamiliar with the show, in the final round the contestants have to choose one of four topics that are shown on the screen.

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    Those are the contestants in yesterday's show: Tasha and Jo.

    The contestants then have to get a "Pointless" answer. It's a correct answer that no one in a poll of 100 people had also chosen. After Tasha and Jo chose the year 2000, they were given this topic.

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    The other topics they could choose answers for were the film Snatch and the 2000 Brit Awards.

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    They could make three guesses that could be spread around any of those categories.

    Tasha and Jo were then given a minute to choose their answers. In that minute, footballer Henrik Larsson was immediately selected as an answer.

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    So they chose Henrik Larsson.

    BBC / Remarkable Television / Via

    And they got it right and won the jackpot.

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    So why the choice? Well, here’s Tasha’s explanation of how she came up with Henrik Larsson as an answer.

    BBC / Remarkable Television / Via

    And you know what, Alex was right.

    love that two girls just won the jackpot on pointless cos one of thems bf told them to just guess henrik larsson for any football question

    It really was quite a moment.

    Having a boyfriend who supports Celtic has never felt so good His football rants finally came to use for his partn…

    And Jo tweeted this to Henrik.

    @7HenrikLarsson thanks mate 👍🏻 #pointless

    Congratulations to Tasha and Jo, Tasha's boyfriend Alex, and, of course, Henrik Larsson.

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    BuzzFeed UK has reached out to Tasha and Jo for comment.

    You can watch the episode of Pointless on BBC iPlayer.

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