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    11 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets We Learned About "Bake Off" From The Hosts

    From the hosts not watching TV to chaos during the heat wave, there was nothing we didn’t find out.

    Ever since Bake Off hit our screens back in 2010, it’s become a firm favourite with the nation. The show is gearing up for its second season in its new home of Channel 4, with Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding at the helm.

    Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed was invited to meet the pair ahead of the new season, and they participated in our BFF game before revealing all kinds of secrets about the new series.

    The BFF game will be released early next week, but until then — here's what we learned from the two about the upcoming season.

    1. The show will be sillier this year, because everyone has relaxed after that channel swap drama.

    Love Productions / Channel 4

    "I feel like this season everyone relaxed, 'cos last season it was like, 'Is it going to work? It's gone to Channel 4! The adverts!'" said Noel. "Everything was different, but this year everyone went, 'Oh, it's still a good show, oh, it's great, it's still the Bake Off,' and that gave everyone licence to relax a little bit."

    "We've still found time this year for inflatable snakes and ladders," said Sandi. "We played badminton with a gorilla. It's been a fun season."

    "Last year was like, 'Hello, welcome to the Bake Off,' and somebody would go, 'Are you going to do it like that?'" joked Noel. "Just because you said 'hello' and not 'hi,' and is that the Bake Off way?"

    2. Actor David Suchet convinced Noel Fielding to accept the role of Bake Off host, whilst he was pretending to be Salvador Dali.

    Sky Atlantic

    Noel explained that he was filming with David Suchet, a method actor, who was playing Salvador Dali at the time. David approached Noel in full costume and character as he sat wondering whether to accept the offer. Noel recalled that David put on a Salvador Dali voice and said: “What does your gut tell you?” Noel said he responded: “It tells me I'm quite frightened, but maybe I should go towards that,” before David agreed: “IT IS GOD'S BAROMETER. You should do the show!”

    Noel went on to explain: “Later that day he was like, 'Sorry about that, I was Salvador Dali.' But it was too late; I had rung up and said, 'I’ll do it, because Salvador Dali told me to.'"

    3. Sandi had never watched Bake Off before accepting the role, and still doesn't watch any episodes.

    Channel 4 / Love Productions

    Noel joked: "Sandi did it because her daughter was excited. I did it for a dare. It was quite scary last year. ... Sandi hadn't seen it, because she doesn't really watch telly. I had seen it, but I had never done any presenting. So we were off to a good start."

    Sandi said: "I phoned my daughter up and I said, 'I have been asked to do this thing called Bake Off,' and she went, 'Shut up!' and I was like, 'Oh, right, shall I do it then?'"

    4. Sandi's kids went to the garden party where they announced the winner last year, but they turned it down this year.

    Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

    "My grown-up kids love Bake Off," said Sandi. "They absolutely are obsessed with it and we invite family and friends to the final and they didn't want to come. They came last year and they said, 'Do you mind if we don't come this year?' and I said, 'Oh, is it boring?' and they said, 'We don't wanna know what’s happened, because it has spoiled the series.' The fact that I am in it is irrelevant to them."

    Noel agrees: "Yeah, I've got friends like that."

    5. Noel Fielding has barely been on Twitter since the first episode of Bake Off, and instead just uses Instagram.

    6. The bit in Bake Off where Noel and Sandi reveal how much time the bakers have left in a challenge is recorded more than once, to be edited in according to what gets shown.

    Love Productions / Channel 4

    "You have to keep doing time calls to the bakers, and there's a limit of how exciting it is to say 'you have three hours', so we do try and come up with jokes," said Sandi.

    "We always have to do an amusing one and always do a serious one," added Noel. "Quite often, if we do the amusing one first and we're sort of in a good mood, we then have to pretend: [Noel puts on a sombre voice] 'You have three hours left', when really we've just been playing with a pasta clock, so we're not really feeling that."

    7. Sandi and Noel purposely haven't learned anything about baking, because they aren't the experts — Paul and Prue are.

    Love Productions / Channel 4

    "You have to be a bit careful, because part of your job is to be there and ask the question that the viewer would like to ask," says Sandi. "So if somebody says, 'I am doing a do-dah-do-dah twirl', you need to say, 'I'm sorry, what is that?' rather than stand there, nodding. Because that is Paul and Prue's job, to do the nodding. Our job is to do the slightly stupid questioning."

    "It's impossible for me to know less than last year," adds Noel. "Literally, we had a conversation about seven weeks in when we went, 'What is ganache?' We had to ask Paul, didn't we? And he said, 'It's just chocolate with cream in it.' It's sort of depressing that we know what that is now."

    8. Both Sandi and Noel have been inundated with requests to judge other people's baking in the last year.

    Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

    "People come up to me in the street sometimes and say, 'My friend has made a cake, would you come and taste it?' said Noel. "And I go, 'nope', because I don't know anything about cake."

    "I had a waiter in a restaurant asking me what I thought of the bread, which I hadn't actually tried," said Sandi. "It was quite strange."

    Last Halloween they were also sent pictures of people dressed up in costume. Noel said: "Men with beards dressed as you, Sandi, and women dressed as me. Fantastic."

    Sandi responded: "That's the way round I would have made it."

    9. The summer's heat wave made conditions in the tent rather unbearable for the bakers.

    Love Productions / BBC

    The final of the season was filmed around the first week of July, a month where temperatures barely went under 30°C (86°F). "It was bad for the bakers," said Sandi.

    "Apparently not good for a ganache," said Sandi. "Not good for a goth or a Viking either," said Noel. "I almost got a tan, which is really disturbing for me."

    10. Bake Off will be featuring its very first vegan-themed week.

    Love Productions / Channel 4

    At a press conference featuring Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood, a journalist asked about the inclusion of a vegan-themed week.

    "We wanted something different," explained Paul. "Veganism is something that seems to be growing, and we wanted to represent it on the Bake Off this year.

    "If you are a vegan or if you are thinking about it and are worried about how it will change your life, just watch it and see."

    There is also a Danish-themed week. Sandi, who is from Denmark, was asked for recipes.

    11. And finally, the infamous Prue tweet where she prematurely announced last year's winner will be mentioned in the opening episode of the new season.


    After revealing the winner prematurely, Prue apologised. She explained that she was in a different country at the time and got her timezones confused and incorrectly assumed that the episode had already aired.

    The opening gag from Noel and Sandi in this season's first episode is about the tweet. Asked what Prue had thought when they proposed the joke to her, she said: "They didn't propose it, they just did it!"

    The Great British Bake Off returns to Channel 4 on Tuesday, Aug. 28, at 8pm.

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