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    Posted on Jan 29, 2014

    There's A Thing Called A Shipping Dogecast And It Is So Very Odd

    Think that doge is dead and buried? WELL... NOT YET.

    This is probably the oddest website you will visit today...

    It is the shipping forecast, but written in doge, put together by Chris Applegate.

    It's not just a joke. It's an actual forecast for Dogger, Fisher, German Bite and all the others.

    It is integrated with the Met Office reports and everything.

    The Met Office provides an XML feed of the Shipping Forecast concise which is updated several times a day.I coded a bit of Python to process the feed and add Doge words to it, and then there's a really simple webpage and script that just flashes up each forecast with random colours and placing.

    And what can accompany the Shipping Dogecast? Well the Radio 4 Shipping Dogecast OBVIOUSLY.

    This wasn't too weird to record. Not one bit.

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