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Netflix Has A Baking Fails Show Now And It's "Bake Off" From Hell

Nailed It is Bake Off for people who weren't good enough to get on Bake Off.

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Hello. I want to alert you that a cake fails show, where bakers who aren't that talented try to recreate iconic-looking bakes and hopelessly fail, is now out on Netflix.


It's a competition show. Three bakers, all amateurs, set against the clock.

And for me the greatest joy in Nailed It is seeing frustrated judge Jacques Torres (not Paul Hollywood) dishing out constructive criticism of each bake while the contestant nods as if it will make a bit of difference.

Now, for fans of Bake Off, this show might seem just a little bit familiar. EXHIBIT A: the catchphrase.

Love Productions / Channel 4 and Netflix

At the start of each show, host Nicole Byer says: "Some shows are dedicated to the best bakers in the world. This not one of them."


And if you are wondering whether they are just setting the contestants ridiculously intense "expectations" and giving them a stupidly short amount of time, you would be correct.


I've watched several episodes and I keep forgetting whether the worst baker wins, or whether the person who has baked the least badly wins. Remember bakers who weren't that good at baking were chosen to participate in the first place.