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Matt Smith Has A Beard In "The Crown" Now And It Is Spectacular

Be warned: This article contains Crown beard spoilers.

So in The Crown, the Duke of Edinburgh (Matt Smith) goes on a tour of various Commonwealth countries for five months as the Queen (Claire Foy) stays at home.

However there is a dramatic new storyline you should know about, and you don't need to watch the show to care about it either.

In Episode 2, Philip (Matt Smith) and his ship are heading towards Antarctica. He makes a speech, then his secretary, Michael Parker (Daniel Ings), has an idea.

Two. Scenes. Later. Holy. Shit.

You might be thinking to yourself right now: "it's just a beard on the Duke of Edinburgh wtf" but trust me, as the series goes on his beard just gets more powerful.

This is what he says in this scene, which is part of a tense argument with another posh character:

All I am hearing in this scene are these words:

The look only gets stronger when he wears this hat.

And when he's on a beach like this.

Just when you think I am running out of Matt Smith beard content, I should inform you right away that his beard continues to grow and grow.

Until it is so long I start wondering to myself whether Matt Smith should actually keep a beard like this.

And by the third episode holy moly what does Matt Smith without a beard actually look like I've forgotten.

Titting nora.

I asked someone at Netflix about his beard, who told BuzzFeed UK that it was glued on every day.

Thank you for reading about Matt Smith's beard.