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    People Are Angry At The Journalist In The "Amanda Knox" Netflix Documentary

    There has been controversy over comments he makes about how he reported the Amanda Knox trial.

    The Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix, which debuted last week, is controversial. One of the biggest controversies in the film is about something you might not at first expect.


    The film documents the circumstances surrounding the death of British student Meredith Kercher and features interviews with Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, who were convicted and later cleared of Kercher's murder.

    There has been a lot of negative reaction on social media towards the appearance by freelance journalist Nick Pisa, who worked for the Daily Mail when the story broke and who now reports for The Sun.


    There has been a flood of criticism by viewers of his apparent lack of sensitivity towards the case.


    So disgusted by how Nick Pisa addresses Meredith Kercher in the Amanda Knox documentary

    This is especially true when the postmortem for Kercher's body suggested that the murder was a "sex game gone wrong" and Pisa wrote it up as a scoop.


    The #AmandaKnox documentary is really good. Nick Pisa comes off worse than whoever actually committed the murder.

    Half an hour into #AmandaKnox documentary and I have to stop to tweet that not all journalists are like Nick Pisa

    The biggest criticisms come from what he says at the end of the documentary, when he blames the police and the prosecution for following "wild theories".

    He says: "I think now, looking back, some of the information that came out was just crazy, really, and completely made up."


    He then says: "It doesn't work like that. Not in the news game."

    To any aspiring journalists who watch #AmandaKnox doc: Don't be like #NickPisa. It's better to be right and second than wrong and first.

    Rod Blackhurst, one of the directors of the film, was asked by The Guardian about Pisa's views. He responded:

    The people who want to cast the stone at Nick are often the same people logging on every morning, keen to read the latest, grisliest titbits from the case.

    BuzzFeed UK contacted Nick Pisa for an interview, but he declined. He then asked us to refer to his piece in The Sun, which does not address his comments in the documentary directly.

    He was then asked for further comment by email about the comments he made in the documentary and the negative reaction he's had since the documentary was released, but had not responded by the time of publication.

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