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    The Video Everyone's Sharing Of Magicians Photobombing A Sky News Reporter On Live TV Is Totally Fake

    The hoax was picked up Friday by places like the Huffington Post, Metro, and Sun Nation.

    A video of some magicians called Young & Strange performing a trick in the background of a Sky News report went viral on Friday morning.

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    Young & Strange /

    The video appears to show magicians performing a trick in the background as reporter Ashish Joshi reports on NHS reform.

    It was quickly picked up by the Huffington Post, Metro and the Sun Nation website.

    However, Joshi has told BuzzFeed News that the video is not real.

    Also, the font in the video looks like this.

    But the font Sky News uses looks like this.

    There's also a spelling mistake in the ticker.

    Update: Sky News has tweeted this statement.

    We’d like to clarify that the Ashish Joshi video with the magicians in the background is not a Sky News report

    BuzzFeed News has reached out to Young & Strange for comment.