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    The Signs Outside The "Prince Charles Cinema" Are Simply Awesome

    All the unoriginal West End cinemas located nearby? Hang your head in shame.

    1. Why are the signs outside the Prince Charles Cinema the best? Well... they get straight to the point.

    James Nash (Flickr: 86318165@N00 / Via Creative Commons

    2. Really really, straight to the point.

    3. But at Christmas, it can get a little bit drunk and confused.

    Tom Phillips (Flickr: flashboy

    4. But the sign still wishes you a good day.

    Ewan Munro (Flickr: 55935853@N00 /
    Flickr: Jhalsten Flickr: 16101274@N00

    5. It has an original angle with its themed movie nights.

    6. The cinema has crazy offers.

    Mark Hillary (Flickr: markhillary / Via Creative Commons

    7. And it manages to actually commit to it.

    Jo Amelia Lily / Flickr: 24112094@N00 / Via Creative Commons

    8. It can really be rather cheeky...

    Marco Spermber / Flickr: Flickr: medienmarco / Via Creative Commons

    9. ... but it somehow manages to always get away with it.

    Achim Hepp / Flickr: Flickr: achimh / Via Creative Commons

    10. And when there's building works blocking the cinema doors, it just can do this to reassure customers.

    11. And these signs can pretty philosophical at times.

    Flickr: Arkadin55 / Flickr: 16734870@N07 / Via Creative Commons

    12. The words remind you of the time when you shared a flat with a stoned philosophy student.

    Flickr: Chris Wilkinson Flickr: thewilkybarkid / Via Creative Commons

    13. A really stoned philosophy student.

    Flickr: Mark Hillary Flickr: markhillary / Via Creative Commons

    14. But guys, you've got competition. The Screen on The Green in Islington is currently displaying this. / Via Instagram: @scottygb


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