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Richard Curtis Says There's No Answer To Which Political Party Hugh Grant Leads In "Love Actually"

The writer and director told BuzzFeed UK: "I’m willing to reveal almost anything about Love Actually – but there’s no answer to that one."

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HELLO! Earlier this week I did a silly investigation into which political party Hugh Grant was meant to be leading in Love Actually, because why not.

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I also want to apologise to the people who were upset that I didn't examine the ties that he wore during the film in my, what seemed to be, 100,000 word piece.

The first response I got back was from Grant's agent, who sent this concise and informative reply.




I then got this from Emma Freud, the script editor of Love Actually and partner of Richard Curtis. She said:

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"OK, I should stop contacting people about this issue because they will contact the police," I thought.

I accepted that this was the answer, but I kind of wanted a conclusive answer from the person who wrote and directed the whole thing: Richard Curtis.

"Scott, This is such a sad moment – I’m willing to reveal almost anything about Love Actually – but there’s no answer to that one. It’s a bit like Hugh’s job in 4 Weddings – I never let my mind go there."

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Later in the email he wrote: "But I’ll be thrilled to hear your conclusion."

My reaction to receiving this email was like the man on the right during the PM's speech in Love Actually.

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Amazement. Joy. The fact that we finished this investigation absolutely no closer to an answer than when we started off.

In my response, I mentioned the fact that people were examining the ties that Hugh Grant wore in the film. Curtis then wrote back: "Talking of ties – there was an unfortunate mistake during lunch when we were filming the arrival in Number 10 scene..."