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"The OA" Is Now Officially Returning For A Second Season

This post contains spoilers for the first season of The OA, by the way.

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It wasn't obvious at all whether the final episode was the end of the whole show, or whether there was more to the story.


The last scene involves Prairie/The OA (Brit Marling) seeing Homer (Emory Cohen) in what appeared to be heaven, after being shot.


Well, now there's closure. At a Netflix event in New York today, Zal Batmanglij, The OA's co-creator and writer, mentioned that the show will be returning.

It has not been filmed yet, though.

Speaking at the event, Batmanglij also said he thinks that The OA wouldn’t have worked on traditional linear television. "We didn't think there was any home for what we were making. We were sailing out, hoping that a harbour would appear and it did."

Here is the teaser.

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